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Unblock the Cockblocks

Title: Unblock the Cockblocks
Pairing: Jongin/girl!Sehun
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1449
Genre: Fluff, Romance
Summary: Jongin's looking forward to have a wonderful night with his wife but it was ruined by two little evils.

unblock the cockblocks

One day at the Kim household two evil yet young minds were planning on how to overthrow the strongest force dominating their humble abode.

“Jonghun I don’t think this is a good idea,” Sejung says, as she watches her twin pull his blue Transformers pillow on his bed. The younger of the twins snorts, shaking his head at Sejung.

“Well you can stay here if you want. I’ll sleep beside mama tonight.” Jonghun jumps off the bed and left his sister in their room. With an exasperated huff, Sejung follows her brother and pulls her own pillow and heads to their destination.

Jonghun’s not the only one getting love from their mom tonight.


Sehuna just finished taking a bath when she saw her husband, only clad with his white wifebeater and his red-black boxer shorts, sprawled all over their king-sized bed. He must be feeling hot (like literally) because of the summer heat judging how sweaty he is.

“Hey, I’ve already filled the tub for you,” Sehuna says softly. The towel on her hands was busy drying her long hair. Her husband did not even move from his position, seemingly enjoying the coldness done by their AC. Sehuna moves closer to where Jongin was lying down and pokes his back. “Jongin I said-HEY!”

Suddenly Sehuna was on her back, the towel long gone from her hands sprawled out forlornly on the floor and there is a smirking husband on top of her.

“I knew this will look perfectly good on you,” he says while he plays with the hem of Sehuna’s black night dress, which seems like too short for Sehuna’s long skinny legs. Sehuna knew Jongin bought that on purpose but it’s not like she hates it either. In fact she likes, loves it even, when Jongin spoils her like they were still in high school.

Jongin leans in and kisses his wife’s lips; the pair of lips which he never gets tired of kissing for the past years. When he pulls back Sehuna’s cheeks were already tinted with an angry shade of red. “You’re so beautiful, my queen.”

“I know,” Sehuna smirks. The gaze shared between the two intensifies. Jongin can’t help not to dip his head unto the crook of Sehuna’s bony shoulder and sucks in the milky skin his mouth can take.

It was ticklish. The way Jongin’s tongue ravishes Sehuna makes her cry for pleasure. He exactly knows how to make her squirm under his touches.

She almost did not realize the hand sneaking up its way from underneath her lacy night dress, too drawn up from the way Jongin kisses her lips and steals her breathe away. But the drop of Jongin’s sweat on Sehuna’s forehead made their love night session temporarily halts to a stop.

“You go take a bath first.”

Jongin pouts, “Later.” And he tries to dive in to another kiss. However, Sehuna’s hands land on Jongin’s chest and she shakes her head.

“I don’t want your sticky and sweaty skin against my freshly showered body. Now it’s either you go shower or you don’t get anything good tonight.” Sehuna smiles coyly. And the exposed skin on her chest (Jongin can almost see the valley between two lumps of… yes)almost made Jongin think otherwise but he knows he will be getting that soin and something more once he’s fresh from the shower so he reluctantly gets up, not until he steals another kiss from his pretty wife.


Jonghun and Sejung see their mother sitting on the bed, busy reading a book. They did not want to disturb her but the mutters from the twins have probably stolen their mother’s attention so she looks up from her book. She smiles, “What brought my babies here?”

Sejung nudges her brother’s side, not in the mood to answer such question.

Jonghun clutches the pillow on his hand tighter before he sprints to where his mother was. “Mommy! Can we sleep here tonight?” The little boy throws his arms around his mom and snuggles against her. “Sejung and I want to sleep here. Please mommy?”

The puzzled look on their mother’s face must have made them switch to plan B and so Sejung, being the older (and quite wiser) of the twins, approaches her twin and their mom.

“We just miss sleeping here, mommy. Can we, can we? Please?”

How could Sehuna resist those two cute pair of eyes? She pulls her children closer to her and hugs them. “Hmmm… let me think about it…” she teases and the eager look on the two made her giggle. “Of course babies. You can sleep with me and daddy tonight, ok?”

The two jump giddily, throwing their pillows in celebration.

“Told you we can sleep here tonight!” Jonghun says at his sister, overjoyed at the fact that their (his actually) plan worked.

Sehuna kind of felt bad for her husband though.


Jongin did not take his time in the shower as he hurries to finish washing his body so he can get out of the foggy bathroom as soon as possible. He is too excited to continue where he and his wife left off awhile ago. In fact his mind is already filled with lewd Sehuna thoughts that eventually results to his lower part to be slightly more aware of its surroundings.

As soon as he turns off the shower knob, his other hand reaches for the towel and dries his self quickly. He puts on his shorts (the only thing he needs to wear in the meantime) and ready to tackle his wife.

However, the image of his children sleeping so soundly beside Sehuna was not in his mind at all. According to his calculations earlier, at this minute he should be kissing Sehuna so passionately but instead he’s glued onto his feet on the ground, mouth hanging ajar because of surprise (and disappointment).

“What are they doing here?” Jongin whispers.

“They wanted to sleep here? So I let them be.”

“But honey…”

“Aw come on Jongin. They’re your kids how could you not let them? And besides it’s not like they’re going to be here forever, right?”

Jongin knows what Sehuna said was true but how could be a promising night turn this way? And he thought they can make another sibling for the two.

“I heard that,” Sehuna says. Apparently, Jongin said that out loud. At times like this his brain does not cooperate with his mouth. Sighing in defeat, Jongin accepts his fate for the night and feels sorry for his sad little Jongin underneath his shorts.

Jongin almost heard his boss say ‘Maybe next time’ in his head. Wow he must have been really disappointed.

As he lies down on their bed, he was almost so sure he saw Jonghun peeped his eyes open and stuck his tongue out. Or maybe it was just his mind playing tricks on him.

So much for seeing Sehuna wore that pretty night dress.

Jongin goes to bed feeling remorseful on why he did not finish what he started earlier.


The next morning Jongin wakes up to two little hands poking his cheeks, their soft voices muffled at the back of his head. When he finally decides to open his eyes, he saw Sejung and Jonghun giggling.

“Good morning cheesecakes. Did you two have a good night sleep?” Jongin croaks as he stretches his whole body. What he got in return though were lips suddenly pressed on his cheeks.

“Good morning daddy!”

He grins so widely at the sunshiney greeting. If he’s always greeted with his children’s kiss every morning he doesn’t mind waking up next to them everyday.

“Where’s your mom?”

Jonghun points out to the door. “Mommy’s making breakfast.”

Jongin yawns once again. “Alright… while mommy’s busy preparing our food why don’t you two get your pillows and put them in your room now so mommy won’t have to fix them later, okay?”

Sejung pouts and shakes her head, “We’re still sleeping here again tonight though, daddy.”

“WHAT?! Why???”

Now it’s Jonghun’s turn to explain. “We don’t want another baby brother.”

Jongin chokes to his own saliva, and his eyes are so wide from embarrassment. How did these two even get the idea of their parents making another baby? “Who told you that?”

“Uncle Lulu did,” the twins said in unison. “He said we must guard mommy every night because you might give mommy a baby to put inside her tummy.”

Jongin groans, and mentally notes to have a serious talk with his brother in law about not brainwashing his kids’ innocent little minds. For now he thinks he might get used to Sejung and Jonghun beside them every night.

-pls forgive me i'm bye
Tags: oneshot, p: kai/sehun, rating: pg-13
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